What’s your experience with Communion Services?

I’ve decided to officially endorse extraordinary lay presiders of communion services to my pastor (in case of emergency when priests either don’t show up or we can’t find one to celebrate Mass). A neighboring parish is much more open about their three scheduled communion services in place of Mass every week. But my pastor is one to not want to get in trouble, and lately our string of trad bishops has been cracking down on this and suggesting that we just don’t do Mass or Eucharist at all.

And that’s what frustrates me. People have gathered to praise their God and partake in the ‘source and summit’ of their way of life, who are we to tell them to go away to another parish or wait till later? God has called them, they have answered that call, and it would be a sin to turn them away.

I’ve set up a plan of action to lead training and formation with regards to potential lay presiders, and I will review this with the lit. committee and pastoral council. Now all I have to do is convince my pastor and not get fired. I’m not good at picking my battles, as you can tell.

if i had to choose between a life-time supply of merlot or to never drink wine again, i would choose the latter


Keeping time counter-culturally.


Keeping time counter-culturally.

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.

- Martin Luther (via feellng)

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I like watching Frasier, but don’t get me wrong: in the coming revolution I will have no problem overthrowing him and the rest of the rich and snobby.

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Can we get a volunteer to do that?


Pastors, being a bunch of cheap fucks

All the pastors in my deanery and I’m sure most of them in my diocese are constantly thinking of who they could lay off and replace with a volunteer.


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City Of Roses
Esperanza Spalding


Esperanza Spalding - City of Roses (from her album “Radio Music Society”)


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if you re-blog a sponsored post just know that i am judging the shit out of you

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Are we Protestants? I don’t think so. [Amazing Grace] has no place in the Catholic liturgy.

- Fr. C, being a liturgical fascist

Properly ordained priests might help bread and wine to know what they truly are, but truly ordained priests are the “recovered” ones who can then “help” people to know who they are too. We have been more preoccupied with changing bread than with changing people, it seems to me.

- Richard Rohr (via fatherfarr)

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