if you want to know what’s going on in a parish, the last person you want to speak to is a priest

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whenever i see ‘no roof access’ i see it as an open invitation to find a way on the roof—and there almost always is


There are a lot of things I want in life and every single one of them is to go back to sleep










Jazz was a true disciple of Real Nigga Jesus

LOLLLLL, shit, just keeping it 100 doe.

he won’t wrong doe

real talk

Don’t act like this man wasn’t tellin the truth doe…..

What it means to laugh to keep from crying…


All of the truth in that bold





My man!

Boogie down!

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Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.

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It’s probably just an accident. I once accidentally said “hi” to a friend who was EMing

I thought this at first but I’m bad with faces and can never remember if it’s the same people/person. This maybe happens once or twice a month to me.

Just to clarify, I’m not judging the person or think it’s wrong or anything, it just gives me a big smile and I respond back, “You’re welcome.”

are you ever EM-ing and your communicants say, ‘thank you’? i’m at once confused about what’s perceived as going on in their mind and delighted that they’re so polite




I am growing some MONSTER blueberries this year. They are still delicious.



i have this re-curring dream where i eat a blueberry the size of a small pumpkin (those dollar ones you buy and leave on your desk forever) these are my hopes

"The Lord is with you."
“And with your spirit.”

The other day we had a visiting priest who was so past retirement and so past giving a shit about what out-of-touch men in pointy hats say that he changed all kinds of words throughout the Mass. He used the previous sacramentary translation for the Eucharistic Prayer (choosing ‘all’ and ‘cup’ opting out of ‘the many’ and ‘chalice’ in the words of consecration). He did/said a bunch of other things that I liked but am too tired to remember atm.

Anyway, his form of greeting is one I’ve never heard before and it really took me aback. I especially like how he made it seem that much more real and present.

"The Lord is with you."
“And with your spirit.”


This is basically what it’s like to be an adult.

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